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Small creative studio with big impact

We work closely with our clients to understand their needs so we may focus in developing creative and innovative products that meet higher standards. We're dedicated to build and improve brands so they are represented in an exciting new way

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Some of our featured projects

Red Bull Thre3 Style

Red Bull Kosova wanted us to create an event video for Thre3 Style National Finals event
in Kosovo.

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Sharrcem Reporting System

Incident Reporting System provides a secure web-enabled means of reporting incidents. System allows to record detailed...

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Carlsberg Group Video

An amazing project with amazing footage. The video that we delivered to Carlsberg Group was awesome witha many impressive shoots. 

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Welcome to Tickmedia

We are a creative studio based in Kosovo, but our work experience and quality work has become a passport for us to go global

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Meet your teammates

We are aware that nothing is perfect, however we keep trying to get there because that’s what we do we move toward perfection

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About us

We are happy when we do what is required from us even by exceeding expectations, and this is not something new here

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Some of our clients

Our Principles

Our main principles are that quality is non-negotiable. We hate having limits. Love for that what we do has crafted us in a professionals that work with passion. We love to explore new opportunities and go beyond.

We are happy when our work gets results and positive feedback from random people and especially from critics. We invite each of you to check out or portfolio so our work will speak for instead of us.

What they say

  • I was surprised how Tickmedia team handled all work, and provided me with a new logo that i always wanted. Thanks you for excellent job!

    • Shpejtim Ndrecaj,
    • Radio Vala
  • The way they work is interesting. We started to make my website sketches even without a contract, just to prove they will do it right. Now i have a web site which looks great, and i can manage it myself very easy.

    • Petrit Morina,
    • Mobelland Furniture Factory
  • Maybe you may have many options, but when it comes to get job done fast and good, i always think of Tickmedia. All our federation event requirements and works were done in time, including our website and other promotional materials

    • Nehat Çitaku,
    • Head of Table Tennis Federation of Kosovo
  • Highly recommended creative agency. While working with them, we meet high level of responsibility and professionalism. Trepça established great business relations, and we was satisfied with services and works done by them

    • Ferat Shala,
    • Executive Director Trepça Mining
  • While working with Tickmedia i became close friend with each of them. In business relations, addin a friend feature is highly valuable. Personally i will not change this company for excellent client relations and excellent works. I’m glad that i meet them

    • Hekrem Maliqi,
    • Inter Finances
  • Since i meet these boys, i had no more problems on working with branding. We started from a logo and completed our site and everything went nice an in schedule. No complains, no bad experience. Im free to suggest them to anyone

    • Shpejtim Beselica,
    • Beselica

Tickmedia is a creative studio created by a group of friends with various skills focused in providing creative solutions for brand development
and other brand associated products

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